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All the creation is set on motion and mobility. Similar to celestial bodies, even the smallest particles of the human body is constantly in motion. Nothing is at rest, Locomotion is the secret of nature.In line with the said secret, Mr.Mohammad Amini Rad with having been seasoned on Military Air force in the field of transportation, established Navid Bahman Heavy Transportation Company in 1991. Extensive specialized transport industry such as heavy cargoes transportation demand skilled expertises The activities of the referred field constitute the most important of the modern industry calling for specific calculations imbibing mathematical models, geographical landscapes, fundamental of physics, etc

Heavy Transported cargoes from begging (1991) up to June 2017


Height > 5 m - Width < 5 m - Length < 5 m - Weight < 50 Tons


June 2019


March 2019


November 2018


September 2018

Executive Message  

Navid Bahman Transportation Company (NBHTC) enjoying over 20 years of notable background and pioneer in undertaking transport of general consignments, heavy load equipment and in providing technical services in mobilizing required machinery and equipment coupled with providing customs clearance services on imported goods for its clients has achieved its success by applying the up to date state of the art technical knowledge within the framework of the country’s rules and regulations and requirements of the Ministry of Roads & City Planning and other pertinent Ministries and organizations with the objective to gain satisfaction of its clients. A pioneer in the field of transportation while meeting its clients’ demands, NBHTC has been experiencing its success through global investments in its required implements through purchase and importation of transportation machinery and equipment including hydraulic modular trailers, all kinds of lowbeds, and various kinds of trailers. Given our motto of successfully undertaking the impossibles, we take any unexperienced challenge as a new horizon to experience towards achievement of which we infuse required novelties in its abatement.